Litter Genie Plus Cat Litter Disposal System

Litter Genie Plus Cat Litter Disposal System

Don’t dread cleaning the litter box – the Litter Genie Plus makes messes and odors disappear! The Litter Genie Plus Cat Litter Disposal System is the complete and hygienic solution for effective cat waste cleanup. Each system comes ready to go with a Litter Genie pail, a scoop and scoop holder, and a refill bag dispenser cartridge. With the total system, your home is sure to smell fresher and cleaner than before!

  • Quick, clean, easy and odorless cat waste disposal system
  • A hygienic way to clean out your cat’s litter box
  • Litter Genie Pail features durable plastic construction
  • Litter Genie Plus comes with a litter scoop, scoop holder & refill bag dispenser cartridge that lasts up to 2 months per 1 cat

The Litter Genie Plus Cat Litter Disposal System is well-designed and easy to use. Use the bag dispenser to line the Litter Genie pail. With the pail lid open, scoop pet waste from the litter box into the pail. Close the lid and then unlock and pull out the handle; this drops the waste from the top part of the pail to the bottom of the bag. Then push the handle back in and lock; this snuggly seals the top of the bag shut, containing germs and odors.

One Litter Genie Plus can contain waste from 1 cat for up to 2 weeks. The five-layer refill bags feature built-in odor barrier technology to keep odors and germs hygienically inside the pail. The unique handle design creates an almost air-tight seal that traps odors even when you open the lid. The built-in antimicrobial protection makes the Litter Genie Plus Cat Litter Disposal System makes disposing of cat waste easy and hassle-free. At 17” deep and 8”x8” across, the Litter Genie Plus is an efficient and compact disposal system that won’t take up your house; simply place near your litter box for convenient maintenance.

My Thoughts:

I love the litter genie!  It has made cleaning out the litter box so much easier – and I clean it at least once a day if not more because its so easy to use and prevents odors!  My cat is much more happier now that his litter box is always clean and he hasn’t gone on the carpet since I’ve been using the litter genie.  I would DEFINITELY recommend this to anyone with cats!!  I have been using the litter genie for 2-3 weeks now and yesterday was the first time that I had to empty it.  There is a built in cutter in the bottom so it makes it easy to cut and remove the bag of waste for easy disposal.  The best thing about this is there is NO ODORS!  We keep our litter box in the laundry room but sometimes there would be odors from the box, but since using the litter genie – No more odor!!

System includes:

  • Litter Genie pail
  • 1 refill bag dispenser cartridge
  • 1 litter scoop
  • Litter scoop holder – fits on either side of the pail

Waste Disposal:

  1. Open the lid and scoop in the soiled litter
  2. Close lid and pull the handle (depressing the lock with your thumb)
  3. Release the handle to lock in odors and bacteria

Bag Refill Cartridge:

  1. Remove plastic ring from top of cartridge
  2. Pull first bag up then down through the center of the cartridge ring
  3. Tie a secure knot in the bottom of the bag
  4. Remove plastic top on the Litter Genie Plus and place in the cartridge ring
  5. Hold the handle in the open position, unlock the bottom of the unit and pull bag down into the bottom of the unit
  6. Click closed the bottom of the Litter Genie Plus, release the handle and replace the top

  • Q: What’s the best way to eliminate litter odors?

    A: Rule number one is always keep a clean litter box. Having a Litter Genie® pail next to your litter box is a great way to ensure that you have a place to lock away your used litter to keep your home fresh and your cat happy.
  • Q: My cat missed the litter box, what do I do?

    A: If it’s a one time issue, treat the affected area with water, vinegar and mild soap and blot dry. If it’s a repeated issue, consider moving your litter box, retraining your cat, or visiting the vet to make sure it’s not a medical issue.
  • Q: How many litter boxes should I have?

    A: Most experts recommend having one more litter box than you do cats, so two boxes for one cat, three boxes for two cats and so on. That will make sure your cat always has a place to go!
  • Q: How deep should my litter be?

    A: Most cats prefer two inches of litter or less. Too deep, and your cat may not like their footing and opt to go to the bathroom elsewhere.

Complete Litter System for Odor Control

The Litter Genie Plus Cat Litter Disposal System offers convenient odor control that lets you seal away litter clumps to help protect against odors and germs. The easy-to-use system works in three steps–scoop clumps from your litter box, drop them in the Litter Genie Plus Pail, and pull the handle to seal in odors. Designed to hold up to two weeks of cat litter, the pail eliminates daily trips to the garbage can.

Durable Five-Layer Bags with Odor Barrier Technology

The Litter Genie Plus Cat Litter Disposal System uses refill bags with five layers of built-in odor barrier technology. Each Litter Genie refill cartridge lasts up to two months for one cat. When you see a black line on the bag, you’ll know it’s time to replace the cartridge.

Easy to Set Up and Empty

The Litter Genie Plus Cat Litter Disposal System includes a litter scoop and scoop holder so it’s easy to get started. When you’re ready to empty the pail, it opens conveniently in the middle. Plus, a built-in childproof cutter inside the pail provides an easy and safe way to cut full bags for removal.

Compact, Portable Design for Anywhere in House

Ideal for anywhere around the house, the pail offers a compact design and fits neatly in small spaces. A carry handle on the back makes it easy to move from room to room to clean multiple litter boxes.

What’s in the Box

Litter Genie Plus Pail, scoop, scoop holder, and refill cartridge.

Litter Genie Plus Pail At a Glance

  • Litter disposal system helps lock in odors and germs
  • The pail holds up to two weeks of waste
  • Includes scoop, scoop holder, and built-in bag cutter
  • Compact design with convenient carry handle.
  • Built-in antimicrobial protection that inhibits odor-causing bacteria.
  • With Litter Genie Plus, you have a choice of colors, either silver or white